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Aviation Fuel Filtration

The aviation jet fuel filtration test facility at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is currently the only independent, unbiased, and US Army approved source for developing and evaluating aviation fuel filtration systems. Our state-of-the-art equipment, facilities, and knowledgeable staff offer comprehensive services for engine and vehicle OEMs, filtration manufacturers, distributors, and users. Filters frequently encounter unknown contaminants or harsh operating conditions that may result in filter failure. We perform single-element and full-scale system tests on aviation filters, coalescers, separators, monitors, and microfilters to ensure compliance with Energy Institute (EI) specifications, including:

  • Specification 1581 for aviation jet fuel filter and jet fuel separators
  • Specification 1583 for aviation jet fuel monitors and absorbent-type elements
  • Specification 1590 for aviation jet fuel microfilters
  • Specification 1598 for electronic sensor qualification

We also perform tests according to military specifications including MIL-PRF-52308J.