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Manufacturing Technologies

Manufacturing Technologies


We develop and evaluate robotic and automation equipment, systems, and processes and help clients cut costs and improve productivity by applying advanced engineering knowledge, techniques, and principles such as lean and six-sigma.

We serve a variety of design, consulting, and engineering service roles for a diverse range of applications and markets. Several aspects of SwRI make us appealing to clients and uniquely positioned to be an industry innovator:

  • Extensive facilities — Our world-class laboratories and staff of more than 3,100 engineers, scientists, and technicians provide one of the most comprehensive design, development, and testing resources in the world.
  • Independent and nonprofit — we want to help our customers find solutions and achieve their vision.
  • Liberal intellectual property policy — As part of a long-held tradition, patent rights arising from sponsored research at SwRI can be assigned to the client. SwRI generally retains the rights to Institute-funded advancements.
  • Customer service — Customer service is a priority for SwRI. Repeat business and returning clients comprise a large portion of our business. We are focused on satisfying our clients' needs.
  • Client-driven — We utilize cutting-edge research and development, driven directly by client needs and input, to provide unique and innovative solutions.
  • Confidentiality — Project details, status, and results may be kept confidential to protect the client's investment.
  • Management expertise — Our world-class project management allows SwRI to thoroughly and successfully implement solutions throughout a variety of industries.
Industrial Robotics & Automation

Developing innovative automation and robotics solutions

Manufacturing Process Improvement

Offering affordable services and assistance to clients, including Texas manufacturers, to help reduce costs