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Industrial Robotics & Automation

Industrial Robotics & Automation


For more than 35 years, SwRI has been developing innovative automation and robotics solutions. World-class experts and experienced engineers comprise the automation engineering staff. Automation engineering facilities include state-of-the-art laboratories and large prototype areas for development.

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Can Unmanned Aerial Systems Find Their Own Way in Caves?

SwRI's onboard mapping software generates camera vision data for real-time navigation

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to meet with space scientists, cavers, and roboticists to discuss the future of cave exploration for both on- and off-world environments at the 4th International Planetary Caves Conference in Lanzarote, Spain. A topic often discussed in the space community is how to effectively use robots to perform the range of exploration tasks necessary for previously unexplored environments, such as caves.

Transitioning Spacecraft to FPGA Computing for Faster Machine Learning Object Detection

Digitized outline of the brain divided into four sections depicting car networks, AI, security and robotics with the words Intelligent Systems Insights

Computing in space tends to be constrained by the size, weight, power and cost of radiation-hardened systems that can fit on spacecraft. Historically, these constraints have ruled out deployment of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications, which require substantial memory and power to automate image detection and other tasks.

Machine Vision Enables Advanced Automation

Humans can see damage to a propeller blade under normal light and feel damaged areas with touch.

Many manufacturing processes operate using fixed or hard automation equipment that perform production tasks with limited sensory inputs. For more complex applications, simple cameras or sensors can detect an object’s presence, position, size, or thickness. Machine vision solutions can be applied when objects are more complex, less constrained, or their appearance needs to be evaluated. This blog post will review three applications to provide insights into machine vision’s role in advanced automation.