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Industrial Robotics & Automation


For more than 35 years, SwRI has been developing innovative automation and robotics solutions. World-class experts and experienced engineers comprise the automation engineering staff. Automation engineering facilities include state-of-the-art laboratories and large prototype areas for development.

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Choosing a Cobot vs Industrial Robot Depends on the Application

cobot sanding with force control

Welcome to the third article in our series on collaborative robots. We previously examined what cobots are and whether they are safer and easier to use than traditional robots. In this post, we compare cobots to industrial robots in a range of applications and explore the pros and cons to each class.

Are cobots really safe and easy to use?

an orange and silver cobot sitting on work bench to the left of a blue and silver cobot picking up widget in gripper

This is the second post in a series about collaborative robots, also called cobots. Our first post explained that cobots are industrial robots designed to be safer to use near humans and more easily programed to complete simple tasks by a worker who is not a robotics expert. In this second post, we look in detail at cobot safety and ease of use.

What is a cobot and does my company need one?

woman holding a cobot teach pendant in front of a cobot with a man in the background working on another robot

Collaborative robot, or cobot, has become something of a buzzword in the automation industry. The popularity of cobots has created an explosion of new models from all the major robot manufacturers as well as many industry newcomers. If you are new to the field, it can be challenging to know which model to pick or even determine if a cobot is the right solution.