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Industrial Robotics & Automation

Industrial Robotics & Automation


For more than 35 years, SwRI has been developing innovative automation and robotics solutions. World-class experts and experienced engineers comprise the automation engineering staff. Automation engineering facilities include state-of-the-art laboratories and large prototype areas for development.

Innovations in Automation Blog

What it Takes to Build the World’s Largest Industrial Robot

Blue robot comprised of two segments - the first is vertical with XYREC in white lettering; the second is horizontal to the ground with a laser attached. The robot is using a laser to remove an aircraft coating

The typical person probably doesn’t wake up in the morning with an idea to build a 20-ton robot, standing five stories, wielding a 20 kW laser, and yet we did exactly that with the Laser Coating Removal Robot (LCR). This post, unfortunately, will not discuss the enormous robots you see in sci-fi movies. Instead, it covers large-scale industrial robots intentionally designed for manufacturing, construction, and other large workspace applications.

Web-Based Robot User Interface

xray of robotic arm with the words Innovations in Automation Blog overlayed

Taking on the task of deploying a custom robotic workcell can be daunting for the most seasoned robotics engineers, let alone teams that don’t use robots on a daily basis. This is reflected in what we hear from industry peers, customers, integrators, and collaborators. 

Building Sustainability into Robotics Research Through Education

xray of robotic arm with the words Innovations in Automation Blog overlayed

Universities, startups and R&D organizations are facilitating the rapid evolution of industrial automation and robotics with innovative prototypes and emerging technologies. These new and exciting capabilities are gaining footing in manufacturing and industry, but a gap has emerged in system sustainability, not to mention broader adoption across the industrial domain: workforce development.