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Manufacturing Cybersecurity

Manufacturing cybersecurity is an interdisciplinary domain requiring expertise spanning robotics, industrial automation, and embedded systems engineering. Most organizations offering security services are focused on information technology (IT) or have expertise in only one aspect of cybersecurity—hardware, software, or communications. Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) takes a holistic approach to robot and manufacturing cybersecurity, leveraging technical staff with experience in all relevant areas of security, cyber-physical systems, and manufacturing technology. For more than 10 years, we have helped customers secure their systems against cyber-attacks.

Robot Cybersecurity & Industrial Solutions

safety monitoring devices

SwRI secures embedded systems in manufacturing robots.

ROS Industrial robotic arm can be programmed to transport and stack food products

Robot cybersecurity spans software, hardware, and networks.

Multidisciplinary capabilities in advanced science and applied technology enable SwRI to provide full-service industrial cybersecurity solutions related to manufacturing and robotic systems. From wired and wireless networking to embedded hardware and software, we support clients in many ways, including:

  • Industrial Automation Cybersecurity
  • Robotics Cybersecurity
  • Independent Assessments and Penetration Testing
    • SwRI has performed over 100 independent penetration tests
    • Proprietary tools for penetration testing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Risk Based Approach to Security
  • Secure Over the Air Updates
  • Sensor Security
  • Threat Modeling
  • Cybersecurity Consulting
  • Software Security
  • Security Planning and Policy Recommendations
  • Breadth of experience in other industries including:
    • Industrial Control Systems
    • Automotive
    • Transportation
    • Oil and Gas
    • Energy and Critical Infrastructure
    • Defense
    • Internet of Things (IOT)

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