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ROS-Industrial Consortium

The ROS-Industrial (ROS-I) Consortium is a membership organization providing cost-shared applied R&D for advanced factory automation. Consortium members drive new capabilities in ROS-I by championing Focused Technical Projects (FTP) based on their near-term automation requirements. Other members who are interested in the project form a group that shares the cost of the development effort. The consortium provides financial leverage to its members to accomplish their specific goals through the Focused Technical Projects while accelerating the growth of ROS-Industrial in terms of its capabilities and user base. 

Benefits Exclusive to Members

  • Eligible to initiate and participate in Focused Technical Projects
  • Seat on the Consortium Advisory Committee
  • Set priorities for membership-fee funded research
  • Access to project data and technical reports arising from consortium’s Focused Technical Projects
  • Live technical support from experts in ROS, robotics, and general industrial automation
  • Attendance at all events
  • Annual training classes and access to class tutorials
  • Participation in annual program review meetings
  • Networking opportunities with colleagues, customers, vendors, and end-users
  • Early access to the latest research in industrial robotics