Advanced science.  Applied technology.


Robotics Research & Development

From academic institutions to factories and automakers, SwRI provides cutting-edge robotics solutions that give our clients a competitive edge. We develop algorithms and sensor capabilities that enable advanced robotics to perform more complex functions to meet the growing demands a complex marketplace.


Robot Operating System (ROS)

The Robot Operating System (ROS) and ROS-Industrial platform support many of our projects. ROS is an open-source project that provides a common framework for many applications ROS provides a safe and secure platform with great functionality for industrial robotics in dynamic and unconstrained environments as well as automated driving capabilities..

ROS-Industrial Consortium

SwRI provides worldwide support to the ROS-Industrial Consortium and its affiliates in Europe, Asia, and North America. ROS-Industrial is a membership organization providing cost-shared applied R&D for advanced factory automation. 

Robotic Path Planning

SwRI has core expertise in a range of adaptive path planning tools used to permit robots to operate dynamic and complex environments such as those found in high-mix/low-volume manufacturing

Sensing and Perception

SwRI provides R&D and engineering solutions for complex sensing problems using 2D, 3D, and multispectral imaging methods, often for robot guidance applications.

Machine Learning and AI

SwRI deploys the latest machine learning and AI techniques, such as deep learning, to advance the intelligence and performance of robotics and automation solutions.

Adaptive Process Control

SwRI researches and develops novel techniques for real-time control of industrial processes.


SwRI is advancing the flexibility and scale of industrial robotic solutions through mobile applications.

Collaborative Robotics

SwRI is working to develop sensing and controls solutions to enable greater interaction between people and robots, especially in dynamic environments.