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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas


We offer over six decades of expertise in upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas sectors. Our engineers and scientists work in multidisciplinary teams to provide the oil and gas industry with the latest geological data, mechanical and structural engineering, and software that enables production and delivery of oil and gas in the harshest environments. Further downstream, we test and evaluate refined fuels and lubricants at our state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring your products meet the toughest industry standards and government regulations.

Oil & Gas Engineering & Research

SwRI is a leading provider for oil and gas engineering and research services across all streams of the energy sector. From geology to software to chemical and mechanical engineering, our engineers and scientists can help develop and test solutions to the toughest oil & gas engineering problems.

Upstream Services

Midstream Services

Downstream Services

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Providing confidential testing of flow products used in natural gas delivery and other industries

Flow Measurement

Providing upstream pipeline technical solutions for flow measurement, flow meter testing and calibration, gas sampling, and thermodynamics

Fluids Engineering

Applying research and testing of fluids used in hydraulics and oil and gas production

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Testing and modeling laboratories for natural gas and oil pipelines under high pressures and high temperatures

Oil & Gas Software & Systems

Developing solutions to monitor oil and gas assets, improve energy exploration, and analyze pipelines and oilfield products

Subsea Engineering & Offshore Technology

Testing of offshore products and engineering solutions for deep ocean pressure vessels