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Our automotive services encompass engines, emissions, lubricants, fuels, autonomous vehicles, traffic management systems, and vehicle research and development. We design, develop and test a wide range of components, engines, transmissions and vehicles helping to address difficult technical issues and improve performance through research and modeling of fuel mixing, combustion, tribology, filtration, structural analysis, noise and vibration harshness (NVH) and fluid-flow analysis. We are recognized internationally for our longstanding fuels and lubricants research, quality performance and client response. Multi-client cooperative industry research programs in many areas help manufacturers achieve lower exhaust emissions and improve fuel economy.

A broad range of services are available for product research, product development and product qualification of automotive components and automotive fluids for on-road, off-road, rail, and water-borne transportation systems as well as recreational vehicles and stationary power equipment.

Automotive Software & Electronics

Supporting powertrain research and development with innovative software solutions

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Providing comprehensive evaluations and analyses of fuel efficiency and engine design to meet and exceed industry standards

Blue background with highlighted outlines of cars on road, with green circular lines representing sensors emitting from the cars.

Researching and testing connected and automated vehicles with a focus on innovation, safety and security

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Evaluating energy storage systems for vehicles and grid storage

electric mobility solutions man staring at two computer monitors

Developing electric and hybrid-electric solutions from automotive powertrains to energy storage systems

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Providing comprehensive emissions system analyses and testing of engines and emissions components

graphic depicting car being charged with a pump labeled H2 Hydrogen

Hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle technology

Logistics & Transportation Systems

Providing traffic management control center software and developing intelligent vehicle systems for automotive and defense clients

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Developing clean and sustainable mobility technologies with electrification, novel combustion and connectivity