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Hydrogen Powered Vehicles

graphic depicting car being charged with a pump labeled H2 Hydrogen

The push to lower greenhouse gas emissions from the automotive sector is fostering rapid development of fuel cell powertrains and hydrogen powered vehicles. Hydrogen, or H2, is an energy-rich element that can be used as a power source for fuel cell electric vehicles. Hydrogen also has great potential as an energy source for internal combustion engines. Southwest Research Institute is helping the automotive industry to research, develop and test hydrogen powered vehicles, including fuel cell systems, spark-ignited IC engines powered by hydrogen and other technologies.

Hydrogen Cars, Engines & Fuel Cells

SwRI has a multidisciplinary team dedicated to Hydrogen Energy Research initiatives to deploy decarbonization technologies across a broad spectrum of industries. Learn how the SwRI’s Powertrain Engineering Division is developing solutions for hydrogen powered vehicles below.

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Services

Hydrogen Combustion in IC Engines

Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle Fuel Cell
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