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Sustainable Mobility Solutions

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Sustainable mobility is an emerging field leveraging automation, connectivity and energy efficiency to improve mobility and transportation management while lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Southwest Research Institute develops sustainable energy and mobility technologies with integrated solutions for the automotive, transportation, power generation and manufacturing industries.

Improving the Environment While Optimizing Mobility

SwRI’s multidisciplinary approach to applied technology allows clients to draw on expertise in automotive engineering, energy systems, materials science, cyber security and intelligent transportation systems. Our sustainable mobility research includes projects funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and commercial clients in addition to collaborative research with academia and research consortia.

Connected Powertrains

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Our sustainable mobility solutions leverage connected vehicles and powertrain engineering, spanning speed/route optimization and applied research/testing. Connected powertrain technology uses onboard sensing and external connectivity to improve fuel efficiency and performance of various powertrain categories.

For more information, contact Scott Hotz or call +1 210 269 5252.

Engine & Electric Motor Controls

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SwRI has invented a range of powertrain technologies, from ultra-fuel-efficient gasoline engine technology to electric powertrain systems. We offer data acquisition tools, modeling and analysis, and testing of components, subsystems, and vehicles ICE, hybrid and fully electric powertrains.

For more information, contact Robert Coppersmith or call +1 248 820 7844.

Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Vehicles

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Hydrogen research aims to create a sustainable energy system with environmentally friendly fuel cells, cost-effective methods for producing and storing hydrogen for transportation, power generation and mobility. SwRI offers R&D working groups on fuel cells and hydrogen internal combustion engines (H2-ICE).

For more information, contact Thomas Briggs or call +1 210 522 5153.

Electric Powertrains & Lithium-ion Batteries

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With over 30 years of experience in vehicle electrification, SwRI offers expertise in electric powertrain and energy storage systems. SwRI has developed and tested lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles, aerospace, defense and grid storage and stationary systems.

For more information, contact Ian Smith or call +1 210 522 2041.

Laboratories & Locations

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SwRI’s Sustainable Energy and Mobility Directorate provides expertise across automotive propulsion systems, low-carbon technologies and control systems, software, electronics and more.

For more information, contact Christopher Chadwell or call +1 210 522 5494.

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