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SwRI’s Listing, Labeling and Follow-Up Inspection Services ensure that products, materials and assemblies meet specified requirements and performance. Accreditation includes International Accreditation Service, Inc. (IAS), OSHA, U.S. Coast Guard, GSA, State of Florida, Metro-Dade County, City of Los Angeles and City of New York.

For questions about this program, please contact Julie Garcia at +1 210 522 6976.

Preliminary Phase

  • We make arrangements for our inspector to witness manufacturing of the test sample or select samples from stock. Documentation concerning the manufacturing process is gathered by the inspector at this time. For U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Type approvals, this activity is carried out by a SwRI staff member concurrently with the initial plant inspection.
  • We verify that the samples that arrive at our lab are the same made under the inspector's surveillance, or selected randomly by the inspector, and review the documentation submitted by the inspector and the client. We address any discrepancies with the client.
  • Tests are conducted by accredited laboratories in accordance with applicable requirements.
  • If successful test results are achieved, we move to the Implementation Phase.

Implementation Phase

  • We write a Follow-Up Procedure (FUP) Document that describes the product and documents the production process and all critical aspects that, if changed, could adversely affect the quality and performance of the product. If required, a copy of this FUP Document is submitted to the certification body or administration in support of the client's application for product approval.
  • We visit each manufacturing facility that will be included in the Program to verify that all the information contained in the FUP Document is accurate and to meet the key personnel involved in manufacturing and quality control. Based on this information, we finalize the FUP Document.
  • We authorize the use of our label, distribute the FUP Document, and add the product to our Directory of Listed Products.

Follow-Up Phase

  • Our field inspectors visit the plants at the frequency established by the approving body to ensure that the manufacturing process and the product remain unchanged.

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