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Signals Intelligence Solutions

Signals Intelligence Solutions


The SIGINT Solutions Department offers comprehensive design, development, systems engineering and production capabilities for your signal acquisition, exploitation and radiolocation requirements. Our expertise encompasses:

  • Specialized antenna element and array modeling, design and production
  • RF Geolocation using direction finding, time-difference-of arrival, frequency difference of arrival and Time Varying Spatial Correlation techniques with a combination of stationary and/or moving sensors and targets.
  • Wideband architectures covering below VLF through SHF bands
  • Leveraging commodity high performance servers and rugged VPX form-factors to meet a variety of ground, air and near-space applications
  • Communications and Radar signals exploitation
  • Deep HF domain expertise encompassing ionospheric sensing and modeling, signal processing and geolocation

In addition to offering turnkey systems, SwRI’s SIGINT Solutions works with contractor and government clients to integrate our off-the-shelf signal processing applications and software tools with client supplied or developed systems. Applications include search and rescue, law enforcement, military and intelligence missions.

  • Signal Exploitation
  • Systems Engineering
  • Electromagnetic Apertures and Radiolocation
  • Program Management
  • SIGINT Solutions Product Highlights