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Capsule Formulation Development

We work extensively with many nanoencapsulation techniques to produce nanosized particles and capsules to address the high-performance needs of many applications. Nanocapsules can be used in combination with other microencapsulation methods to provide new release characteristics. Using a variety of methods, our scientists create stable taste-masked, enteric-coated and sustained-release oral formulations that conform to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) standards. Using our CGMP suites, Institute scientists can prepare the micro- or nanoparticles for filling into hard gelatin capsules or compression into tablets.

Extrusion processes produce matrix or core-shell morphologies, depending on nozzle configuration. Particle extrusion processes produce narrowly distributed particles. We develop innovative particle extrusion processes to produce capsules down to sub-micron sizes with small particle size variances, operate with complex thermal profiles, and support production capacity. We have devised fiber extrusion processes to produce matrix fibers, core-shell fibers, and multilayer, fibrous structures. Our capsule development takes into consideration size, percent payload and morphology.