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Centrifugal Compressor Station (FIV) Pulsation Analysis

Vortex-shedding of fluid flow past a change in geometry (dead leg stub, thermowell, etc.) can excite acoustic natural frequencies in the system, which create high pulsations and vibration problems. Adding a flow-induced, vortex-shedding (FIV) analysis in the design stage can predict pulsation problems that may occur and recommendations can then be developed to avoid them.

  • Piping systems with high flow require a pulsation analysis
  • Applies to centrifugal compressor stations, metering areas, PSV headers, and piping hubs
  • Most common source of low frequency pulsations in centrifugal compressor station
  • Advanced techniques for FIV analyses validated through laboratory and field testing
image of Field testing facility at SwRI Field testing facility at SwRI


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