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Condition Assessment

Material and Coating Degradation

Hot section component materials and coatings degrade when they are exposed to service. The extent of degradation depends on both metal temperature and service time. In a cooled component, the material and coating degradation varies from location to location. The extent of in-service degradation increases with increasing metal temperature and/or service time. In-service material and coating degradation lowers mechanical properties, which lower the service life of components.

Material Properties Evaluation

The service life of a gas turbine part is controlled by mechanical properties of the material. Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), staff has experience in material property evaluation, conducting extensive testing of both new and service-run components to generate material properties for life assessment and to determine the extent of material degradation during service.

Nondestructive Evaluation

SwRI has performed nondestructive evaluation (NDE) condition assessment studies to identify the degradation mechanisms for several coatings and base materials and extensive NDE testing of new and service-exposed components. Knowledge of a component condition is required to make prudent run, repair, and replacement decisions.

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