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May 06, 2024 to May 09, 2024
Chicago, IL, United States
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Monday, May 6

8:00 a.m. – 8:45 a.m., room S402a

“Developing High Mix Capability Through Open-Source Collaborative Initiatives,” Matt Robinson Within the ROS-Industrial Consortium, there has been a development vehicle called Focused Technical Projects (FTPs) which have sought to build out foundational capability at a more application level and demonstrate it through example applications. One of those initiatives has been Robotic Blending, which takes the Scan-N-Plan framework and applies it to surface processing applications. Most recently via a collaboration with the Steel Founders' Society of America, the Robotic Blending Milestone 5 FPT was launched and completed resulting in improvements to open-source tools and a foundational application that may be replicated for additional foundry end-users within their shop environments. This talk will share the developments and the method for validating, as well as the foundations that were left at a collaboration University to enable them to develop additional capabilities leveraging ROS but ensure they are easily consumed by stakeholders. It is anticipated that additional universities will seek to add the framework to their lab systems to enable furthering component technologies to increase the array of processing that is capable. The foundation is the already open-source scan_n_plan workshop which has been featured in numerous demonstration venues and training workshops and is also available open source for further application development.

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