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Gas Turbine & Compressor Short Course

Nov 16, 2020 to Nov 19, 2020
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SwRI is hosting a Gas Turbine & Compressor short course. This 4 half-day on-line short course is a unique opportunity to join the experts to learn what you need to know to apply and operate gas turbines and gas compressors in your operation as well as to interact and network with your peers in the field of turbomachinery applications.

In addition to the theoretical presentations, real-life case studies will be presented by instructors in an interactive forum which will further enhance each student’s skill in troubleshooting gas turbine and gas compressor issues. Acquiring and perfecting these skills will enable them to go back to the workplace and perform their job with a much higher level of performance and accuracy.

The short course cost is $500 USD per registrant. Registration includes 4 half-days of on-line course instruction, training materials, and class exercises.

For more information, please contact Jeff Moore.