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Global Decarbonized Mobility Summit (GDMS)

Nov 13, 2023 to Nov 17, 2023
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The first annual Global Decarbonized Mobility Summit (GDMS) will bring together the transportation industry to discuss the challenges that we face together to provide sustainable decarbonized mobility solutions for on and off road. The goal of the summit is to highlight efforts that SwRI is leading for research, development and demonstration of solutions in this space.

Multiple Events Under One Summit

The Summit takes place Nov. 13-17, 2023, at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas. Multiple parallel sessions will be covered with an introduction on public policy and rulemaking leading into R&D and pathways for decarbonized powertrains.

JIP Meetings for CHEDE-8, HEDGE-V and H2-ICE (Nov. 13-14)

The following joint industry projects (JIPs) will hold annual member meetings at SwRI as part of the Summit. Members will also get access to Summit events, mixers, speaking sessions and more throughout the week.

Graham Conway speaking

Tours, Talks & Mixers (Nov. 14)

Starting in the afternoon of Nov. 14, GDSM will be open to non-JIP members. Join professionals from automotive, transportation, manufacturing and other sectors to learn about a variety of decarbonization technologies. Programming includes a tour of the San Antonio Toyota Plant, SwRI internal research for the future of mobility, SwRI and industry speakers and an evening mixer.

CHEDE-9 Kickoff Day (Nov. 15)

Both members and non-members of JIPs can attend kickoff of the Clean Highly Efficient Decarbonized Engines (CHEDE-9) JIP. This will be a chance to learn about new decarbonization technologies for mobility and transportation and attend laboratory tours of SwRI.

Life-Cycle Analysis for Transportation Symposium logo

Life-Cycle Analysis for Transportation Symposium (Nov. 16-17)

The final two days of the Summit will feature the second annual Life-Cycle Analysis for Transportation Symposium. This unique event features expert discussions covering broad range of the following topics:

  • Policy and Rulemaking
  • Powertrain Comparison
  • Alternative Energy Sources
  • Manufacturing and Recycling
  • Infrastructure
  • Simulation Methods

Call for Speakers

Contact Chris Bitsis to submit abstracts to speak at the Global Decarbonized Mobility Summit on Nov. 14. Contact Graham Conway to inquire about speaking at the Life-Cycle Analysis for Transportation Symposium on Nov. 16-17.

GDMS Registration

Stay tuned for registration details, costs and hotel rates for programming. Contact Chris Bitsis to subscribe to our mailing list for event updates. Contact Michelle Valero for hotel and registration information.