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Introduction to Microencapsulation

Nov 11, 2024 to Nov 13, 2024
San Antonio, TX, United States
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Course Overview

SwRI is hosting an Introduction to Microencapsulation two-and-a-half-day workshop. This workshop will introduce participants to microencapsulation and nanoencapsulation. Major common encapsulation techniques and formulations will be presented, along with examples, equipment, strengths, weaknesses, and state of the art. Additional aspects of encapsulation to be discussed include materials, process scale, and application examples.

Participants will tour the encapsulation facilities at SwRI to observe examples of encapsulation equipment to supplement discussions. The course is intended for scientists, engineers, or business professionals interested in learning about common and emerging encapsulation technologies.


The course cost is $995 USD per registrant. Visit to register. Registration includes two days of course instruction, training material provided to download, facility tour, lunch, and process demonstrations.

Course Topics

  • Atomization: spray drying, spray chilling, spray congealing, electrostatic
  • Spray coating: fluid bed coating, granulation
  • Coextrusion: annular jet atomization, vibrating nozzle, microfluidics
  • Emulsion-based processes: coacervation, interfacial polymerization, in situ polymerization, liposomes, solvent evaporation
  • Nanoencapsulation
  • Encapsulation materials
  • Bioencapsulation
  • Economics of encapsulation
  • Scale-up considerations
  • Applications


A downloadable PDF of the Course Agenda is available.

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