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Dixie Crow Symposium

Mar 19, 2023 to Mar 23, 2023
Warner Robins, GA, United States
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Stop by March 19-23 at the 47th Dixie Crow Symposium in Warner Robins, Georgia to see a demo of SPARTA (System Performance and Real Time Analysis), our NEW Advanced ECM Analysis tool suite.

SPARTA's user-friendly interface converts your complex data into a clear-cut graphic representation of your entire system, with the flexibility to delve deeper into anomalies.


  • Instantaneous bandwidth of 600 MHz per channel; expandable to 4.8 GHz
  • Interpulse and intrapulse analysis
  • Isolation and analysis of multiple false targets with selectable parameters
  • Isolate and analyze signals of interest in a congested environment with 50+ unique emitters
  • Automated analysis to find problems fast
  • High-speed, long-duration data collection with real-time analysis

Advanced EW R&D

Learn about our latest research pushing the envelope on advanced electronic warfare:

  • Cognitive EW
  • Development of EW test beds
  • SOSA aligned receiver for extremely fast energy detection

Speak with our staff to learn more about how we can help you reduce lifecycle costs and improve testing accuracy.

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To schedule a demo, please contact Winfield Green.