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Flow Assurance & Multiphase Flow Modeling

Multiphase modeling of a pipeline system helps to improve the reliability of the system by identifying critical conditions to be avoided. It is used to evaluate flow assurance issues such as:

  • Hydrate formation
  • Slugging
  • Liquid accumulation / corrosion
  • Wax deposition
  • System control and production management

These issues are of particular concern for pipelines with limited capacity, bottlenecks, and those that experience harsh transient conditions. Multiphase flow modeling can be applied to a variety of pipeline and production systems including compression and pumping stations as well as offshore pipeline networks.

Multiphase modeling can also be used to prevent slugging and liquid drop-out complications in gas pipelines by:

  • Identifying critical gas liquid/velocities and gas oil ratio of the streams to be transported
  • Identifying phase change conditions
  • Determining operating conditions to avoid
  • Predict locations prone to liquid drop-out and thus corrosion/liquid accumulation

Field troubleshooting and benchmarking services can also be provided to complement the modeling.

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