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Gas & Oil Production Support Services


We specialize in finding solutions to difficult problems and providing exacting services. Staff expertise and world-class facilities provide services such as corrosion investigations, surfactant development, enhanced oil recovery research, pipe liner evaluation, coreflooding experimentation, wastewater cleanup, oilfield and environmental microbiology services, gas monitoring expertise and training,  and reaction calorimetry for scale-up and safety purposes. Many other services and capabilities are also available.

SwRI is an applied engineering research facility located in San Antonio, Texas, and conveniently adjacent to the Eagle Ford Shale Operations. SwRI has staff expertise in subsurface phenomena (hydrology), vibration analysis and diagnosis (compressors), non-destructive monitoring and testing (pipelines), and many other specialties.

Core Flooding Testing

  • Surfactant evaluation for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
  • Fracking fluid, proppant, and gel development and testing
  • High pressure, high temperature sample testing
  • Efficiency of extraction
  • Reservoir flow tests

Reaction Calorimetry Analysis

  • Measurement of reaction enthalpy changes
  • Kinetic analyses (rate and end point detection)
  • Acquisition of hazard analysis data for safety or PSM requirements
  • Reaction optimization and rate of reaction
  • Acquire data for industrial process scale-up
  • Process screening

Wastewater Cleanup

  • Supercritical water oxidation process development for neutralization of waste water evaporation pond contaminants
  • Complete destruction of most organic waste materials

Corrosion Testing

  • Polymer pipe liner evaluation by standard methods (i.e. NACE, ASTM and API)
  • High pressure gas and temperature exposure testing of metals and polymers
  • Electron microscopy
  • Physical measurements
  • Mechanical properties testing

Analytical Testing

  • Customized automated sampling and analysis
  • Field sampling for routine and hazardous samples
  • Pre-drill survey testing
  • Waste disposal characterization
  • Methane source determination
  • Spill response sampling and analysis