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GSA ASTRO General Overview


GSA ASTRO is a family of ten separate, individual, multiple award, Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts that encompass a variety of services related to manned, unmanned, and optionally manned platforms and robotics. This GSA contract:

  • Spans many areas of expertise.
  • Includes any and all components required to formulate a total solution to a requirement.
  • Allows solutions that cross over multiple disciplines.
  • Allows flexibility for all contract types at the task order level including fixed-price (all types), cost reimbursement (all types), T&M/LH, or a hybrid mix of contract types.
  • Allows ancillary support components at the task order level.

The scope of the GSA ASTRO contracts includes operations, maintenance, readiness, research, development, systems integration, and support for manned, unmanned, and optionally manned platforms and/or robotics, as well as the services that support those platforms and robotics. These platforms and robotics may be based on land, air, sea, and/or space.

The GSA ASTRO Master Contract is designed to be a total solution vehicle for services solicited and awarded at the task order level. Total solution is defined as any combination of support that is integral and necessary to the service-based requirements within the scope of the Master Contract and task order award.

GSA Corporate ASTRO Program Manager (CAPM) at SwRI
Cynthia Hokanson
+1 210 522 6310
Fax: 210 522 3496

GSA Corporate ASTRO Contracts Manager (CACM) at SwRI
Toby Hines
+1 210 522 6563
Fax: 210 522 3559


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Contractor Capabilities

SwRI will apply its breadth and depth of resources and expertise to solve complex technical challenges that span the ASTRO Total Solution. We are poised to offer services and solutions under the following GSA ASTRO contracts:

  • Development / Systems Integration
    • Includes all services related to the improvement or enhancement of the overall platform or improvement or enhancement of any subsystem or component of a platform.
    • Includes all services related to the process of bringing together component systems/subsystems into one system (an aggregation of systems/subsystems cooperating so that the system is able to deliver the overarching functionality) and ensuring that the component systems/subsystems function together as a single system.
    • Includes systems integration, improvement, and/or engineering services performed within the framework of manned, unmanned, or optionally manned platforms and/or robotics.
  • Research
    • Includes all services conducted for the innovation, introduction, and improvement of products and procedures regarding manned, unmanned, optionally manned, and counter Unmanned Systems (UxS) platforms and/or robotics for land, air, sea, or space.
  • Support
    • Includes all the services required for successful operational execution of a product, program, project, or process regarding platforms and/or robotics for land, air, sea, or space; the planning necessary to support operational missions; and the resultant analysis of the results of an operational mission.

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