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Decarbonization Technology Services

Decarbonization refers to the widespread adoption of solutions that contribute to a carbon-neutral society. Southwest Research Institute offers advanced science and applied technology that aid in lowering carbon emissions through development of decarbonization technology, including energy storage, carbon capture, and hydrogen combustion and compression.

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Industrial Decarbonization Solutions

We help industry and government to develop industrial decarbonization solutions such as Advanced Power Systems and Machinery that increase energy efficiency while lowering CO2 emissions from power generation and industrial technology.

Storing Energy in Batteries & Machinery – We aid development of Energy Storage Systems for the automotive, utilities, and power generation industries. From analysis of battery technology to Thermal, Mechanical & Chemical Energy Storage systems, we offer the following services:

  • Materials engineering
  • Battery testing
  • Site evaluation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Preliminary design
  • Systems integration
  • Software development

Capturing & Sequestering Carbon – SwRI offers clients scientific know-how and process development expertise in carbon capture and sequestration to assist in the development of technologies to respond to climate change regulation.

Renewable Energy  – SwRI offers solutions that advance clean energy capabilities by developing clean technology to help utilities integrate solar and wind energy into the grid. As an Institute with several different technical divisions, SwRI can bring a multidisciplinary approach to create renewable energy solutions.

Leak Detection – Leak detection is vital for maintaining safe, reliable pipeline technology. SwRI uses pipeline simulations to test the viability and appropriate placement of a leak detection system. The Institute also uses this method to determine the effect of a leak on the pipeline network by analyzing the variability in pressure and flow.

Building the Hydrogen Economy – The fluids and machinery engineers at SwRI collaborate with Institute chemists, scientists, and fire technology researchers to develop safe and efficient hydrogen combustion and compression technologies used in energy storage, automotive, fuel refining, among other applications.

Automotive Electrification & Emissions – SwRI is helping to advance decarbonization in the automotive industry through fuel-efficient combustion engines and electric, hybrid electric, and hydrogen-powered vehicles.