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Markerless Motion Capture Laboratory

Markerless motion capture uses computer vision to capture 3D data of physical movement for biomechanical analysis and multimedia applications in film and entertainment. Southwest Research Institute’s Markerless Motion Capture Laboratory helps government and industry research and develop markerless technology with expertise in perception systems, biomechanics, bioinformatics, computer science, machine learning, and sensor fusion. Our markerless motion capture technology is being applied to human performance with sports, military, and medical applications in addition to primate research and other non-human animal subjects.

BIOCAP Markerless Biomechanics Capture System

BIOCAP is a one-of-a-kind deep learning-based biomechanics analysis engine. SwRI developed a method to generate large amounts of ground truth training data using a combination of biomechanics and graphic animation techniques. Then we implemented a cross validation AI training and characterization method to quantify the system’s accuracy. BIOCAP features a graphical user interface framework for non-technical users that captures data, processes it, and archives it for easy system use. BIOCAP has been used by professional and collegiate athletic teams in addition to military and medical personnel.

Markerless Motion Capture Joint Industry Project (M2CJ)

SwRI launched the BIOCAP Markerless Motion Capture Joint Industry Program, known as M2CJ, to enable precompetitive research and system development in a collaborative forum. M2CJ leverages BIOCAP markerless technology to measure human motion using machine vision, artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning, sensor fusion, and biomechanical analysis.

The M2CJ’s objective is to further develop and refine the BIOCAP system for use in non-laboratory settings. M2CJ will work to identify and prioritize new capabilities for markerless biomechanics analysis needs from the user community to address the current and anticipated applications problems. The M2CJ will also promote direct technical interaction among biomechanic and sports science experts and practitioners regarding developing and implementing new state-of-the-art methods for biomechanical assessment.

To learn more about the M2CJ, please contact Dan Nicolella or call +1 210 522 3222.

Human Performance Initiative

BIOCAP and M2CJ were developed through the Human Performance Initiative, a multidisciplinary team of biomechanical engineers, computer scientists, and intelligent systems engineers fusing data and sensors to develop advanced applications for sports science and human performance applications.

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