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Complex Data Analysis

Complex data analysis uses algorithmic solutions to reveal deeper insights for complex challenges facing science, engineering and systems performance. SwRI uses human-centric data science and Machine Learning Technologies to help clients inform decisions with complex data analysis across multiple industries, expanding intelligence on molecular structures, human performance, data systems, materials composition, and other complex datasets.

Big Data Analytics Tools

Contact us to discuss an industry challenge or visit some of our big data analytics tools below to learn about unique applications to complex data analysis solutions across several industries.

Chemistry Big Data Analysis

Aerospace Big Data Analysis

Big Data in Energy Solutions

Biomedical Big Data

Other Industries Served

  • Adulteration / Fraud
  • Agriculture / Biotechnology
  • Consumer Products
  • Environmental
  • Food / Nutrition
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials Analysis
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Supply Chain Support