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Floodlight™ Non-Targeted Analysis System

Recent advances in mass spectrometry coupled with large data collection in cheminformatics are benefiting many fields, including non-targeted analysis (NTA) and exposomics, by providing the potential to perform deep analysis and gain unprecedented insights into chemical properties. Floodlight™ provides high-throughput screening (HTS) capabilities for high-quality signal interpretation. Floodlight leverages machine learning algorithms for rapid pattern matching, allowing scientists to make faster data-informed decisions with non-targeted analysis and other complex datasets.

To inquire about licensing, contact Keith Pickens or call +1 210 522 3910.

Floodlight Software Functions

Floodlight solves many challenges associated with complex data analysis including:

  • Chemical Data Analysis
  • High-throughput Screening (HTS)
  • Non-Targeted Analysis
  • Targeted Analysis
  • Pattern matching
  • Signal interpretation

Instrumentation Applications

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Non-Targeted Analysis Tools

Traditional targeted analysis approaches will screen all the spectra in a sample against a library of known compounds. Unfortunately, these traditional library techniques do not cover the entire chemical space, and a hidden world waiting to be discovered is once again ignored. New developments in analytical chemistry, big data and artificial intelligence are helping to bridge that gap to the unknown, through development of non-targeted analysis (NTA) methods. These NTA methods attempt to reveal any chemical compound present in a sample, providing high-quality information on known and unknown compounds, important for chemical identification, characterization and property evaluation. Floodlight features AI and deep learning algorithms to perform non-targeted analysis (NTA) of datasets from mass spectrometry.

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