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Structure-Based Virtual Screening

Rhodium™ is a structure-based virtual screening tool developed by chemical engineers and computer scientists at Southwest Research Institute. It is available to clients from industry, government and academia. This virtual screening software integrates graphical processing, software and machine learning to scan hundreds of thousands of drug compounds per day for structure-based drug design.

Rhodium™ Docking Software for Drug Design

Rhodium’s high throughput 3D analysis of protein docking helps scientists select ligands to understand how drug compounds might interact with proteins. Other features of this docking software for drug design include:

  • Unbiased comprehensive in silico docking on protein structures
  • Structure-based virtual screening and molecular docking
  • Extremely high throughput
  • Demonstrated efficacy in multiple druggable targets
  • Superior selectivity for selection of true ligands
  • Superior accuracy in predicting binding poses
  • Ideal for allosteric sites and protein-protein interactions
  • Available as a service – no contracts or licenses required

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