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Industrial CT Scanning

Manufacturers use X-ray computed tomography (CT scans) for nondestructive evaluation of various materials. Industrial CT scanning helps visualize hidden features and defects, validate structural integrity, perform dimensional analysis, analyze density variations, reverse engineer equipment, and conduct failure analysis. Our NDE laboratory conducts 3D CT scans for a broad range of industries.

Using a micro-focus cone-beam CT system, we specialize in computed tomography R&D and nondestructive testing of materials, components, and equipment. We add value with specialized reconstruction algorithms and data analysis that automates interpretation and quantification of 3D data sets.

NDE Inspection Services

3D CT Scans

CT scans provide high-resolution internal views of objects without cutting or destruction. CT scan 3D images are digitized into voxels, which are 3D equivalents to pixels in a 2D image. SwRI’s CT imaging creates a 3D image of X-ray absorption and can be viewed with arbitrary 2D cross sections or in 3D renderings at resolutions down to 5 μm (microns). This is especially useful when inspecting for small cracks, voids, inclusions, pits, and deformations. We also offer MicroCT Analysis services for biomechanics applications.

Dimensional Metrology

CT imaging provides a reliable way to measure internal and external dimensions of parts and inspect difficult-to-reach locations for precise dimensional inspection and defect sizing. Solid models from design tools can be imported along with the CT images for direct and precise comparison. Solid models can be created from CT scanned parts for reverse engineering and input into modeling software.

Materials Imaging & Failure Analysis

Visualize and quantify hidden features in metals, ceramics, polymers, and biologicals. Our X-ray CT systems help clients validate materials and products by measuring density, identifying pores, and pinpointing cracks. These capabilities support failure analysis for a wide range of industries, ranging from subsea valves and components to aircraft wings and satellite components.