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Tubular Inspection

Guided waves are used in nondestructive testing to identify corrosion damage in tubular structures. SwRI’s patented magnetostrictive transducer technology (MsT®) uses guided waves as an effective alternative to conventional NDT and NDE for pipelines and tubes. Our system works with custom probes affixed to a variety surfaces and contours. We use guided waves to gather data over long distances with automated data collection and instruments with powerful visualization.

Guided Wave Inspections

Guided Wave Tubular Inspection

Tubular structures used for heating, cooling, and storage of gases and liquids are susceptible to corrosion in power plants, energy production, and petrochemical processing. Our magnetostrctive transducers conduct guided waves NDT on the most challenging tubular structures.

Guided Wave Pipeline Inspection

We use guided waves for structural health monitoring of pipelines over long distances from a single point.

Storage Tank Inspection

We inspect storage tank walls with omnidirectional guided wave radar using magnetostrictive transducers. SwRI’s MsT® 360 probe mounts to storage tank walls. It provides automated data acquisition and guided wave scans at standard frequencies of 20–250 kHz or high frequencies of 250–500 kHz.

Omnidirectional Probe for Guided-Wave Testing  of Storage Tank Walls

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