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Leak Detection

Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) and distributed thermal sensing (DTS) pipeline leak detection technologies benefit from validation testing with simulated pipeline leaks. SwRI has extensive experience devising test programs to validate leak detection technologies by creating representative physical signatures such as those produced under acoustic and thermal changes.  SwRI works with technology developers and end-users to validate pipeline leak detection systems either at the customer’s site or at simulated sites on the SwRI campus.

Pipeline leak detection studies focus on:

  • Designing and commissioning systems to simulate liquid and gas pipeline leak signatures
  • Determining the sensitivity threshold of leak detection technologies
  • Studying the effect of outside influences on the reliability, robustness, and sensitivity of leak detection systems
  • Testing the ability of leak detection systems to detect third party interference events

For more information about our analysis capabilities for pipeline leak detection systems, contact Jacqueline Manders or call +1 210 522 5417.