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Liquid Networks & Pumping Facility Analyses

Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®) performs steady state and transient modeling of gas networks and compressor stations to determine if the system will safely meet the design requirements. These analyses have been utilized for:

Transient Analyses

  • Water hammer effects
  • Leak detection
  • Startup and shutdown
  • Fluid batching

Transmission Pipeline/Facility Hydraulic Evaluation

  • Design and optimization of new installations
  • Modifications of existing facilities
  • Hydraulic operation issues and bottlenecks
  • Flow and power usage maximization

System Reliability

  • Pressure limits
  • Temperature limits
  • System capacity

Root Cause Failure Analyses

  • Valve manifold transient pressure and flow predictions
  • Pipeline ruptures

Field troubleshooting and benchmarking services can also be provided.

Contact us for more information about our liquid network and pumping facility analyses. To contract with SwRI, please contact the Machinery Services Hotline at +1 210 522 3000.

For more information, contact Ben White at +1 210 522 2554.