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Chemistry & Materials

Visualization of the components present in fuel samples

Chemicals and materials affect our everyday lives, from the products we use to the foods we eat to the homes we occupy. Southwest Research Institute works with our clients to address difficult technical challenges to improve product and material safety and performance, including applying artificial intelligence techniques to improve the research results from chemical assays.

Our staff members are pioneers in chemical and process engineering, microencapsulation, fire technology, chemical analyses, material sciences and surface engineering.

SwRI has developed Floodlight™ and Searchlight™ software tools that increase throughput and depth of chemical analyses to characterize the chemical components present in food, drugs and other products. Floodlight software uses artificial intelligence to separate the signals from the noise, providing data quality review at accuracies comparable to human experts. Searchlight software employs end-to-end automated processing and data-driven pattern analyses across sample sets to provide interactive decision support, highlighting chemical fingerprints for interpretation by chemists.

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Application screenshot showing the different graphic and numerical data

In this example, the SwRI-developed Searchlight tool uses spectroscopic data, pattern analyses and machine learning algorithms to create interactive visualizations of the components present in fuel samples.

an engineer applying droplets of fluid onto a piece of machinery

SwRI develops surface engineering processes to modify material properties and improve performance. For instance, some coatings repel water or material buildup on equipment ranging from pipelines to aircraft to food processing equipment.