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Ocean Simulation Lab

The Ocean Simulation Lab at SwRI provides government and commercial clients with quality facilities and experienced staff to conduct testing and performance evaluation services in more than 10,500 square feet of air conditioned laboratory space and 12 ocean simulation test chambers that range in pressures to 30,000 psig and sizes to 90-inch diameter. The staff is experienced in various complementary services such as strain gage application/monitoring, helium leak testing, electrical and fiber optic cable testing, and API valve and tubulars testing. We provide capabilities for the complete evaluation of your product including development of testing procedures, test design, test setup, static and cyclic structural/pressure/thermal testing, evaluation of the results, and generation of the final report. SwRI maintains an on-site machine shop.

Ocean Simulation Lab Services

  • Structural analysis and experimental strain/stress measurement technology
  • Deep ocean pressure simulation testing
  • Test services for offshore insulation and corrosion protection systems
  • Performance verification testing of valves and components

Ocean Simulation Lab Technical Strengths

  • Deep ocean simulation and field services
  • Hydrostatic pressure tests
  • High-pressure test and marine technology laboratory
  • Offshore insulation and corrosion protection systems test services
  • Performance verification testing of valves and components
  • Structural test and evaluation
  • Tubular and hose products services

Related Services for Ocean Simulation Lab

  • Deep ocean simulation
  • Structural analysis
  • Pressure testing
  • Pipeline integrity
  • Structural systems

For more information about the ocean simulation lab, please contact Joe Crouch at +1 210 522 4295 or Chris Storey at +1 210 522 3992.