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Procurement Support

Procurement Support


The turbomachinery procurement process can be challenging.  As your partner, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) will provide services ranging from basic specification writing, review, and technical bid evaluations to complete management of your gas turbine, compressor, generator, and/or pump purchase, including full technical and commercial bid tab comparisons.

To determine the viability, veracity, and validity of a vendor proposal, we rely solely on in-house technical and commercial expertise. The following bid evaluations are routinely performed:

  • Life-cycle cost and cost benefits
  • System performance and robustness
  • Process, ancillary, and auxiliary equipment requirements
  • Turbomachinery degradation
  • System availability and reliability
  • Vibrations and structural integrity
  • Rotordynamic behavior (including critical speeds and stability)
  • API/ISO specification review (API 614/616/617/670/677, ISO 10814, PTC10)
  • Recommended spare parts and tools

SwRI maintains close contacts with all major equipment manufacturers in the oil and gas and power generation industries. The team of experts at SwRI has direct working experience with a wide range of gas turbines, compressors, and generators in areas including:

Oil & Gas

  • Oil field and offshore platform power and compression
  • Gas lift
  • Waterflood and gas reinjection
  • Gas storage and withdrawal
  • Refineries and gas plants
  • Pipeline compression
  • LNG, NGL, LPG, and methanol production

Power Generation

  • Simple cycle peaking and intermediate peaking
  • Combined cycle plants
  • Integrated gasification combined cycle plants
  • Process power plants
  • Distributed generation

SwRI has a strong reputation throughout the industry to be impartial, independent, and fair. Our turbomachinery systems procurement support is fast and cost-efficient and provides the highest degree of integrity.

SwRI can offer you a full range of capabilities and experience in gas turbine technology including becoming an extension of your engineering department. Contact us for more information about our gas turbine technology procurement support. To contract with SwRI, please contact the Machinery Services Hotline at +1 210 522 3000.

For more information, contact Tim Allison or call +1 210 522 3561.