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Reciprocating Compressors: Field Support Services

SwRI has the necessary test instrumentation and field analysis techniques to evaluate a broad range of industrial problems.

To minimize downtime and potential failures and resolve reciprocating pump and compressor system problems when they first become apparent, SwRI provides quick-response field and consultation services and a full range of field engineering services to measure, analyze, and correct problems affecting safe, reliable reciprocating pump and compressor operation. Reciprocating pump or compressor services are provided on a quick-response basis, when required.

SwRI also provides quick-response field and consultation services, such as:

  • Rotor dynamics analysis
  • Finite element models
  • Computational fluid dynamic analysis
  • Pulsation simulations

These services are supported by continuing research and development programs that allow us to stay abreast of industry needs.

Compressor System Design Facility

SwRI is known worldwide for its work in the design of compressor and plant piping systems through operation of the Compressor System Design Facility. Services include:

  • Measurements of fluid-induced pressure pulsation, shaking forces, and vibration
  • Measurements of vibration response and dynamic stress in plant piping systems
  • Design of pulsation and acoustic filters for existing compressor installations
  • Dynamic analyses of foundations, structures, offshore platforms, and skids
  • Evaluations of square root error at flow measurement installations
  • Thermal flexibility analyses of piping systems for prediction of piping stresses and machine flange loading
  • Calculations of transient and steady-state torsional critical speeds and forced vibration response
  • Evaluations of compressor cylinder performance including pressure drop valve dynamics studies
  • Noise analyses

SwRI is dedicated to improving and optimizing compressor, pump, and piping systems for the natural gas, petrochemical, and process industries. The Compressor System Design Facility capabilities include simulation, analysis and design of reciprocating and centrifugal compressors, pumps, and their associated piping and valves. The design facility emphasizes a concurrent engineering approach consisting of a number of integrated elements:

  • Acoustical design
  • Mechanical design
  • Foundation design
  • Thermal design

Time domain numerical techniques are used for system simulations. These tools allow for solution of problems ranging from the determination of excitation sources, to mechanical and fluid response characterization, to the development of design modification to increase performance and reliability. 

Reciprocating Compressor Testing & Field Analysis

Southwest Research Institute has the necessary test instrumentation and field analysis techniques to evaluate a broad range of industrial problems. Special-purpose instruments and remote monitoring systems are also available as required.

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