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Science Operations & Data Analysis

The Science Operations and Data Analysis team provides end-to-end data management and data analysis solutions for supporting scientists and engineers in all mission phases. Data management includes all stages of ingesting, processing, formatting, distributing, archiving, retrieving, and mining data in automated and interactive fashions. Data analysis includes numerical computation, data fusion techniques, and visualization in a variety of 2D and 3D views.

The staff relies on more than 25 years of problem solving and systems design experience to produce quality solutions using appropriate software technologies. Section experience includes a wide range of areas across the entire span of computer science and engineering. The team creates software and systems for clients by applying design methodologies, rapid prototyping, and knowledge of a broad spectrum of standards. A computer laboratory provides clients with an adaptable development and testing environment for almost any software production need. The section routinely deals with issues involving cross platform development (UNIX, Linux, Windows, Macintosh), multiple programming languages (C/C++, FORTRAN, Tcl/Tk, Perl, PHP, Java, Lua, Python), open source tools (VTK-Visualization ToolKit, Qt/Qwt, MySQL, SQLite, PostGRES, SPICE), proprietary tools (IDL, MATLAB, Mathematica®, SIMION®), visualization (2D/3D), data compression/representation, and data fusion and mining applications both on and off the web.

Technical Strengths

  • Numerical methods, data compression, software project management and AS9100 standards
  • XML, data formats and standards
  • Database systems, three-dimensional visualization, web based applications
  • Graphics and visualization, parallel computing methods
  • Web Services