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Smart Grid Technology & Security

Smart grid technologies require secure hardware and software as they become more ubiquitous in homes and commercial buildings. SwRI helps cleantech manufacturers and utilities develop innovative, secure products. Recent advances in smart energy technology have provided increased control and efficiency by enabling two-way communication between utilities and energy users. With these benefits, however, comes a significantly increased surface area for attacks on both the utility networks as well as the power grid.

Expertise & Capabilities

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has experience testing security in advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) implementations covering the following technologies:

  • C12.22 protocol
  • Cellular communications
  • TCP/IP communications
  • RF mesh networks
  • Zigbee protocol
  • InfraRed ports
  • C12.18 protocol
  • Gas and electric meter hardware reverse engineering
  • Photo of ongoing hardware testing of AMI equipment
  • Firmware reverse engineering
  • Field technician handheld devices

Securing the smart grid will be critical in the years ahead because these systems are deployed throughout the nation. As a commercial, independent, nonprofit research and development facility, SwRI is committed to the independent evaluation of vendor solutions and utility configurations, as well as the protection of customer data and the results of security analyses.