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Structural Geology & Geomechanics

SwRI provides structural geology and geomechanics services to help clients to better understand the complex interplay between mechanical stratigraphy, natural deformation, and subsurface stress conditions. Our research, consulting, and training services are beneficial for oil and gas exploration, mining, and construction and civil engineering applications.

Structural Geology Services

  • Field investigations of mechanical stratigraphy and natural deformation (faulting, fracturing, folding) in carbonate and clastic sedimentary strata
  • Two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) geometric and kinematic modeling, balancing, and restoration along with seismic interpretation
  • Physical analog modeling of extensional, contractional, strike-slip, and salt-related geologic structures, including application of dynamic structured light for digital terrain analyses of evolving models
  • Field and classroom training and short courses to provide geoscientists and engineers with critical insights into reservoir character and performance

Geomechanics Services

Stress and geomechanical analyses complement traditional structural geology services to help clients more fully understand the geologic evolution, present-day conditions, and future performance of their reservoirs:

  • Stress analysis using 3DStress®, a SwRI-developed program that calculates slip tendency and direction, dilation tendency, leakage potential of faults and fractures
  • 2D and 3D geomechanical modeling of borehole- to regional-scale geological problems:
    • Subsurface stress prediction to aid drilling and completion activities
    • Simulation of induced hydraulic fracturing and interaction of multiple wells or frack stages
    • Structural evolution and its role on natural deformation features (faults, fractures), paleo- and present-day stress/pore pressure conditions, and impact on drilling, completion, and production