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Thermal Stress Analysis

To determine static stress caused by thermal expansion, pressure, and weight, engineers at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) model piping systems and major system components, such as:

  • Support structures
  • Pulsation filter bottles
  • Coolers
  • Pressure vessels

Piping configurations, diameters, restraints, and branch connections can be modified to reduce stress to within allowable tolerances. Recommended system modifications are assessed to ensure they do not adversely affect system flow performance and efficiency.

A thermal design analysis typically includes:

  • Piping stress calculations according to applicable code [ASME code for pressure piping B31.3 (process), B31.8 (gas transmission), etc.]
  • Recommended modifications to the piping and restraint systems
  • Prediction of restraint loads and displacements
  • Prediction of loads on equipment (coolers, compressors, pressure vessels) to ensure code compliance

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