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Aerospace Structural Design & Testing

SwRI provides complete structural design and testing of entire aircraft or individual components to help aerospace defenses clients develop advanced capabilities. Our expertise includes probabilistic methods to assess potential risks as well as testing of wings and other structures in our state-of-the-art facilities, including our more than 1,500 acres main campus.

Probabilistic Structural Design & Risk Assessment

The Aerospace Structures Section has been a leader in the development of practical aircraft probabilistic-based design concepts. Our methods use the latest in probabilistic concepts and acceptance criteria. We have a sustained relationship with major airframe designers in the evolution from margin of safety oriented design methods to design toward an optimum of probability of failure.

Structural Testing

Structural Testing efforts in the Aerospace Structures Section are directed toward designing, fabricating, and conducting all aspects of static and dynamic structural testing. These cover a range of needs, from small components to static and fatigue testing of full aircraft. While an array of hardware and software facilities are on-site at SwRI, these test capabilities can be exercised at any location the client desires. Also available are teardown and diagnostic capabilities to fully evaluate and understand the results of any testing.

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) efforts

SHM efforts in the Aerospace Structures Section are focused on developing practical SHM applications to real-world aircraft problems, using the latest sensor technology developed at SwRI, or that are commercially available. We are developing our own Reasoners to provide continuous monitoring of critical structural areas, comparing expected damage with real-time measured damage. Our goal is to provide the user/maintainer with real-time structural health assessments and projected maintenance needs.

Design & Testing Services