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Aircraft Cybersecurity

Aircraft cybersecurity is a serious concern as both commercial and military aircraft become more connected and use architectures and internet connectivity to run. The use of multiple electronic devices may provide potential entry points for hackers or terroristic threats. Southwest Research Institute tests against these threats in our system design and software development, including the following:

CyberDAMS – Cyber Detection and Mitigation System

CyberDAMS aircraft cybersecurity software detects and mitigates cyber intrusion. It identifies susceptibilities of platforms and avionics subsystems in a matter of minutes rather than months, saving time and lowering costs. Features include:

  • Cross-domain Approach – Leveraging machine-learning technology, capable of being trained and deployed on any avionics weapon system with minimal development costs.
  • Vulnerability Assessments – Provides an advanced tool for cyber protection teams that will support vulnerability assessments and forensics analysis/fault isolation.

Avionics Cyber Security

SwRI leverages expertise in aircraft and aerospace engineering to develop avionics cyber security solutions, including: