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Analytical Penetration Modeling

The Walker-Anderson analytical penetration model, developed by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), is based on momentum conservation along the projectile-target centerline. Originally developed for semi-infinite metallic armors, the model can be used to solve a wide range of problems including bulging and perforation, incorporating seven different exit failure modes. The analytical penetration model provides a fast-running, accurate capability to estimate penetration performance in metallic, ceramic, and fabric armors.

Analytical Penetration Modeling Applications

  • Long-rod projectiles
  • Small arms (armor-piercing and ball rounds)
  • Fragment-simulating projectiles (FSP)
  • Brittle materials (e.g., glass and ceramics)
  • Ballistic fabrics
  • Ballistic composites
  • Estimates for ballistic protection such as V50, mass efficiency, and limit thickness
  • Hypervelocity impact