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Powertrain Consulting Support (PCS) Services

Powertrain Consulting Service (PCS) is offered to manufacturers in the international engine, driveline, and powertrain fluids industries by SwRI.

Program services consist of technical update review reports containing the latest developments in engines, fuels, and lubricants; onsite updates on the latest powertrain-related technologies; and individual consultation for powertrain-related issues important to individual participants.

Seminars Conducted at Client Sites

Two SwRI automotive experts conduct all-day seminars about a wide variety of powertrain-related topics at the client's site. Participants can select topics from a list of presentation titles and abstracts provided several weeks before the onsite visit.

The list typically contains one or two focused topics, with two to six presentations per topic, in addition to a variety of other presentations. Twenty or more new presentations are offered at each visit.

Powertrain-Focused Topics

Examples of recent powertrain-focused topics include:

  • Measurement of extremely low engine emissions
  • Current trends in engine design and analysis
  • High efficiency and durable gasoline engine technology
  • Overview of SwRI homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) program
  • Clean diesel engine technologies
  • Diesel engine emissions control

Additional Powertrain Consulting Services

Participants in the PCS have access to a monthly technical update report on the latest events affecting the powertrain industry. Examples of subjects covered in these reports include:

  • Summaries of technical meetings
  • Changes in government regulations
  • Summaries of important press releases
  • General discussion of the engine, transmission, fuels, and lubricants industries

Participants are also entitled to individual, private consultation. This consultation takes many forms, including:

  • Specific reports about topics identified by the participant
  • Answers to specific engineering questions
  • Analysis of participant-supplied data
  • Examination of failed components
  • Recommendations regarding powertrain engineering
  • Many other engineering services

Powertrain Consulting Service Membership

SwRI has PCS participants in Europe, Asia, and the United States, including light-duty and heavy-duty engine manufacturers, component suppliers, and oil and fuel companies. Service is renewable on an annual basis.