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Encapsulation Release Mechanisms

To achieve one or more release mechanisms to meet product performance requirements, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) scientists develop particle and capsule formulations and routinely fine tunes these formulations and their particle properties to tailor release rate and/or release profile.

Common Controlled Release Profiles

  • Triggered release
    • Release occurs due to a change in environment, such as:
      • pH
      • Temperature
      • Moisture
      • Pressure
      • Electromagnetic changes
    • Used to achieve immediate, delayed or pulsatile release profiles
  • Sustained release
    • Release occurs for an extended period of time
    • Can be used to achieve constant active ingredient exposure for a fixed period
  • Burst release
  • Combination release profiles

Release Mechanisms

  • Diffusion
  • Dissolution
  • Molecular trigger (such as pH)
  • Biodegradation
  • Thermal
  • Mechanical
  • Osmotic
  • Biochemical