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Multiphase Flow & Wet Gas Measurement

SwRI has been conducting research in multiphase flow and wet gas metering since 1997. We have tested nearly every commercially available multiphase/wet gas flow meter on the market and a number of other technologies in the developmental stage. Our unique high pressure facilities offer field-realistic testing accompanied by accurate reference measurements with quantified uncertainty. Projects in this area include:

  • Multiphase/Wet Gas Meter (MPFM)—Evaluation and Qualification Testing
  • Gas Flow Meter Performance—Under Wet Gas Conditions
  • Liquid Flow Meter Performance—With Entrained Gas
  • Phase Fraction Measurement Technology—Performance Evaluation (e.g. Water Cut (WC) Meter, Gas Volume Fraction (GVF) Meter, Sand Concentration Probe)
  • Flow Meter Fouling (e.g. waxy oil, scale deposition, hydrate formation/dissociation)
  • Flow Meter Erosion
  • Well Tester—Performance Evaluation

For more information about multiphase flow and wet gas measurement, please contact Kevin Supak, at +1 210 522 2350.

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