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General Fluid Dynamics & Sloshing

For more than 50 years, fluid dynamics and slosh-related studies have been conducted at SwRI, providing solutions for a wide spectrum of industries and applications.

Fluid Dynamics Problems

  • Engineers provide solutions to a range of fluid dynamic problems, such as:
  • Industrial process heat transfer and fluid dynamics problems
  • Gas and water meter calibration facilities design
  • Metering and dispensing systems design and testing
  • Erosional velocity determination for standards development
  • Chemical spill mixing and dilution modeling
  • Liquid motion property predictions

Slosh-Related Studies

Slosh-related studies at SwRI have explored:

  • Fluid motion, including liquid sloshing, in a water-transport vehicle
  • Cargo sloshing in liquid natural gas transport ships
  • Propellant effects on satellite stability in microgravity environments

For more information about general fluid dynamics and sloshing, please contact Shane Siebenaler at +1 210 522 5758.