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Geochemistry Services

Geochemistry services at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) include field investigations, laboratory studies, and modeling of:

  • Geochemical solubilities
  • Complexation
  • Colloid formation, transport, and filtering
  • Reactive transport
  • Sorption
  • Co-precipitation
  • Ion exchange
  • Thermodynamic interactions
  • Kinetic interactions
  • Mass transfer interactions

Extensive experience in investigating and evaluating environmental mobility of a wide range of contaminants is applied successfully to diverse projects, including:

  • Nuclear waste disposal
  • In situ copper extraction
  • Uranium mining and leaching of mill tailings
  • Risk assessment
  • Decommissioning of industrial facilities

Multidisciplinary teams are formed to implement National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements, such as preparing environmental assessments and environmental impact statements.