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Water Resource Services

Water Resource Services

Water is an essential resource that sustains our planet and communities, making management of groundwater vital to promoting long-term sustainability. SwRI’s geoscientists develop noninvasive numerical models to characterize subsurface and groundwater geological environments for total water resource management strategies. Our clients include government agencies, groundwater districts, and commercial clients. We provide comprehensive water resource management and analysis services related to hydrology, water supply, drinking water, permitting of wells, and water chemistry.

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  • Groundwater and Surface Water Analysis and Modeling
  • Near-Surface Geophysics 
    • Magnetics 
    • Transient Electromagnetics
    • Frequency Domain Electromagnetics
    • Direct Current Electrical Resistivity 
    • Ground-Penetrating Radar (12.5 to 1,000 MHz)
  • Geochemistry Services
  • Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation Services